Infants – Toddlers

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Birth exam

The baby’s first checkup is usually given in the hospital, right after birth. A nurse will assess the baby. This assessment checks certain physical traits to assist in determining whether your newborn needs any special treatments or monitoring immediately.

Your baby my have a thorough physical exam,within 24 hours of birth. Some of the things checked:

A doctor will examine your baby, check the infants breathing and heartbeat, and assess the baby’s ability to pass urine and stool.

Measurements of length, weight and head circumference.

Well-child visits (birth – 12 months)

Within the first weeks after birth, your baby should begins a series of health exams, generally called well-child visits. Physicians have individual approaches to the timing of these well child visits. During many of these visits, your baby may have:

  • Length, weight, and head circumference measurements taken. These measurements are recorded on a growth chart and are compared to previous and later measurements to make sure the baby is growing as expected.
  • A physical exam. The doctor examines your baby thoroughly for any problems. The doctor also assesses the baby’s reflexes and general development and observes how you and your baby interact.
  • Immunizations. Your doctor may provide you with a schedule so that you know how many vaccines to expect at each visit.
  • If needed, screening test follow-up

Well-child visits (12 – 24 months)

Routine well-child visits usually are scheduled several times during ages 12 to 24 months. These visits allow your child’s pediatrician to keep a close eye on your child’s general health and development. Talk about your child’s new skills, such as walking, talking, combining words, etc.. During these checkups it’s a good time to ask any questions and discuss any growth and development issues.

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